General Information about Daikin

The Daikin Company boasts over 80 years of experience manufacturing heating and cooling products. Not limited to a single phase, Daikin serves clients in residential, commercial and industrial applications alike. The company began across the Pacific Ocean in Osaka, Japan. Founder Akira Yamada began Daikin in 1924 as a chemical company focused on air conditioning systems. Originally called the Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership, Daikin found early success in the manufacture of aircraft radiator tubes.


Daikin’s corporate history reads as a primer in the history of air conditioning technology. Since its inception the company has stood at the vanguard of HVAC technology. I 1934, Daikin mastered cooling using methyl fluoride and produced one of the first self contained refrigerators, called the Mifujirator. A variation on the Mifujirator was later installed onto train cars, creating the first air conditioned cars in 1936.

Today, Daikin is the largest air conditioning company in the world, having recently acquired Goodman Gobal. In a show of entrepreneurial spirit, Daikin teamed with Carrier to develop R-410A refrigerant, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chlorinated refrigerants. Being both a chemical company and a manufacturer of HVAC products, every Daikin heat pump is produced to exacting standards. The machinery is fine tuned to the refrigerants Daikin produces, making for exceptional products. On average, a Daikin system, once installed, will still be running like day one twenty years later.

Daikin also boasts the first variable refrigerant flow (or variable refrigerant volume) HVAC systems which can adjust the flow of refrigerant based on heating and cooling need. Models which exemplify Daikin’s commitment to fine-tuned, high quality heat pumps include the Daikin FTXS, Daikin FTXN and Daikin Quaternity models.